PT0012B - Injen Technology X-Pedal PRO Black Edition Throttle Controller

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Key Features

- The sleek, black anodized aluminum housing provides an elegant aesthetic inside the cabin.
- Quick and simple plug-and-play installation requires no cutting or splicing of any wires.
- Provides increased throttle response for safer passing and an improved driving experience.
- The X-Pedal Pro Black Edition is warranty friendly and will not leave a footprint after removal.
- Works seamlessly with both Automatic and Manual transmissions.
- Automatic Transmission equipped vehicles will notice a marked improvement in shifting performance.
- The X-Pedal Pro Black Edition is compatible with most Aftermarket Programmers.
- The built-in high-speed processor greatly improves throttle signal response time
- Sport Mode: 9 levels, suitable for mountain roads and racing
- ECO Mode: 7 levels, for driving in city areas which can improve fuel economy
- Anti-skid function helps on lower friction surfaces with ease
- Launch Control/Drag Race Mode: Gets you to reach max acceleration faster
- DAC (Digital to Analog Convert) - provides 1000 times/sec processing speed
- Note: This part is not CARB exempt at this time and is not legal for sale in California or use on vehicles registered with the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Direct Fit for
2016-2017 Mercedes AMG GT V8-4.0L Twin Turbo
2015-2017 Mercedes AMG GT S V8-4.0L Twin Turbo
2014-2014 Mercedes B250 L4-2.0L Turbo
2012-2015 Mercedes C250 L4-1.8L Turbo
2008-2014 Mercedes C300 V6-3.0L
2015-2018 Mercedes C300 L4-2.0L Turbo
2016-2018 Mercedes C350e V6-3.5L
2017-2018 Mercedes C43 AMG V6-3.0L Twin Turbo
2016-2016 Mercedes C450 AMG V6-3.0L Twin Turbo
2008-2015 Mercedes C63 AMG V8-6.2L
2014-2018 Mercedes C63 AMG V8-4.0L Twin Turbo
2014-2018 Mercedes CLA250 L4-2.0L Turbo
2014-2018 Mercedes CLA45 AMG L4-2.0L Turbo
2015-2017 Mercedes CLS400 V6-3.0L Twin Turbo
2012-2018 Mercedes CLS550 V8-4.6L Twin Turbo
2012-2017 Mercedes CLS63 AMG V8-5.5L Twin Turbo
2014-2016 Mercedes E250 Bluetec L4-2.1L Turbo Diesel
2010-2016 Mercedes E350 V6-3.5L
2013-2013 Mercedes E350 Bluetec V6-3.0L Turbo Diesel
2015-2017 Mercedes E400 V6-3.0L Twin Turbo
2013-2015 Mercedes E400 Hybrid V6-3.5L
2010-2017 Mercedes E550 V8-5.5L
2010-2011 Mercedes E63 AMG V8-6.2L
2012-2016 Mercedes E63 AMG V8-5.5L Twin Turbo
2013-2016 Mercedes GL350 Bluetec V6-3.0L Turbo Diesel
2013-2016 Mercedes GL450 V8-4.6L Twin Turbo
2013-2016 Mercedes GL550 V8-4.6L Twin Turbo
2013-2016 Mercedes GL63 AMG V8-5.5L Twin Turbo
2015-2018 Mercedes GLA250 L4-2.0L Turbo
2015-2018 Mercedes GLA45 AMG L4-2.0L Turbo
2016-2018 Mercedes GLE350 V6-3.5L
2016-2017 Mercedes GLE400 V6-3.0L Twin Turbo
2017-2018 Mercedes GLE43 AMG V6-3.0L Twin Turbo
2016-2016 Mercedes GLE450 AMG V6-3.0L Twin Turbo
2017-2017 Mercedes GLE550 V8-4.6L Twin Turbo
2016-2018 Mercedes GLE550e V6-3.0L Twin Turbo
2016-2018 Mercedes GLE63 AMG V8-5.5L Twin Turbo
2013-2015 Mercedes GLK250 Bluetec L4-2.1L Turbo Diesel
2010-2015 Mercedes GLK350 V6-3.5L
2015-2015 Mercedes ML250 Bluetec L4-2.1L Turbo Diesel
2012-2015 Mercedes ML350 V6-3.5L
2015-2015 Mercedes ML400 V6-3.0L Twin Turbo
2012-2014 Mercedes ML550 V8-4.6L Twin Turbo
2012-2015 Mercedes ML63 AMG V8-5.5L Twin Turbo
2018-2018 Mercedes S450 V6-3.0L Twin Turbo
2014-2017 Mercedes S550 V8-4.6L Twin Turbo
2017-2017 Mercedes S550 Maybach V8-4.6L Twin Turbo
2016-2017 Mercedes S550e V6-3.0L Twin Turbo
2015-2017 Mercedes S600 V12-6.0L Twin Turbo
2016-2017 Mercedes S600 Maybach V12-6.0L Twin Turbo
2014-2017 Mercedes S63 AMG V8-5.5L Twin Turbo
2015-2017 Mercedes S65 AMG V12-6.0L Twin Turbo
2018-2018 Mercedes SL450 V6-3.0L Twin Turbo
2013-2017 Mercedes SL550 V8-4.6L Twin Turbo
2013-2018 Mercedes SL63 AMG V8-5.5L Twin Turbo
2013-2018 Mercedes SL65 AMG V12-6.0L Twin Turbo
2017-2018 Mercedes SLC300 L4-2.0L Turbo
2017-2018 Mercedes SLC43 AMG V6-3.0L Twin Turbo
2012-2015 Mercedes SLK250 L4-2.0L Turbo
2016-2016 Mercedes SLK300 L4-2.0L Turbo
2011-2016 Mercedes SLK350 V6-3.5L
2012-2016 Mercedes SLK55 AMG V8-5.5L
2004-2011 Mercedes SLR McLaren V8-5.4L Supercharged
2011-2014 Mercedes SLS AMG V8-6.2L


The Injen Technology X-Pedal Pro Black Edition is the next step in customizable throttle response controllers. Quickly and easily tune out the delayed throttle response from the factory with Injen's X-Pedal Pro Black Edition for a completely new driving experience. You'll be amazed how different your vehicle feels after this quick and simple install!

Modern vehicles are infamous for a sluggish and delayed throttle response feel directly from the factory. You'll recognize this built-in delay when trying to accelerate to pass another vehicle or merging into traffic. Injen Technology's X-Pedal Pro Black Edition allows you to adjust the pedal feel and ultimately the throttle response of your vehicle directly on the fly.

The X-Pedal Pro Black Edition is a plug-in module that requires less than 5 minutes to install. Our harness plugs directly into the OE connector behind the accelerator pedal to pull 5V power and manipulate the signals going to the ECU. The X-Pedal Pro Black Edition requires no splicing or cutting of any wires and does not interfere with other onboard systems, such as electronic injection, ABS brakes systems, etcetera.

Once installed, the X-Pedal Pro Black edition delivers immediate, customized performance for your vehicle. Specifically, the X-Pedal Pro Black Edition controls the throttle signals going into your stock ECU (Engine Control Unit) so that your vehicle instantly responds faster and accelerates swifter... or slower and more economically - depending on how you program the X-Pedal Pro Black Edition. With 9 levels of sport mode for crisp, on-demand throttle response and 7 levels of ECO mode for improved fuel efficiency, you'll have an infinite amount of adjustability to match your specific driving style and performance needs.


HP Gains: N/A HP
Torque Gains: N/A ft/lbs
Replacement Filter: N/A
Black Hydroshield: N/A
Red Hydroshield: N/A
Prop 65 Information: This product can expose you to chemicals including Carbon Black, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer.

Shipping Information

Weight: lbs
Box Dimensions:
Length: 4 in
Width: 3 in
Height: 7 in
UPC Code: 843115028695

CARB Information

Compliance Specification: No EO#
CARB Model Year Coverage:
Notes: Note: This product is not CARB exempt at this time and is not legal for sale in California or use on vehicles registered with the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Warranty Information

Injen Technology offers a Limited One-Year Warranty to the original purchaser against defects in material and workmanship on all Injen electronics under the PowerTech line. Injen Technology will replace, at no charge, any Powertech electronic component considered by Injen Technology to be defective. Any and all warranty coverage is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective part only, at Injen Technology's discretion. Proof of purchase is required. The warranty does not cover incidental or consequential damages, damages caused from improper installation, nor does it cover the cost of installation or removal of the defective part or its replacement. All warranty items must be sent freight prepaid with a valid RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number and copy of original invoice.